Jennifer Aniston and David Shwimmer, Rachel and Ross from “Friends” are a couple ?! Sensational news from overseas

Fans of the series “Friends” can open champagne – their favorite series couple, according to reports from foreign media, are to meet in private life. What is known about this and how do those interested themselves refer to these revelations?

Jennifer Aniston and David Shwimmer recently admitted that they had had close relationships in the past. Now the magazine “Closer” reports that old love will not rust … What is known about the romance of the serial couple from the series “Friends”?

Rachel and Ross together in real life – are Jennifer Aniston and David Shwimmer a couple?

Jennifer Aniston and David Shwimmer, or Rachel Green and Ross Geller, are one of the most recognizable serial couples. We followed their fate, and in particular the romantic scenes with their participation, with bated breath. At that time, many of us had the impression that they would be a perfect match also in private life. As it turns out, our assumptions have a lot to do with reality!

At one point, we were both in love, but we were like two ships passing by. One of us has always been in a relationship. And we never crossed that line. We respected that – confessed David Shwimmer in the special episode “Friends: Meeting After Years”.

The “Closer” magazine reports that the actors were to start dating right after recording!

After the show, it became clear that the memories had triggered forgotten feelings in both of them, and that the chemistry they had always had to ignore was still between them. They started writing to each other right after the tapes, and last month David left New York, where he lives to visit Jennifer in LA, a close acquaintance of the actors reports to Closer.

According to the magazine, the alleged couple was also seen in one of Jennifer Aniston’s favorite wineries. Apparently, Rachel and Ross from “Friends” were “walking around, engrossed in conversation.”

What do the interested parties say? Actors’ spokespersons denied the reports. See you…

Would you like these rumors to be true?

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