Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles in the same Gucci suit. Setback? Absolutely! A delighted actress: Call me Harriet

Jennifer Aniston asked her Instagram fans to call her “Harriet Styles”. Why? Well, during the session for the “InStyle” magazine, the star of “Friends” wore the same styling in which the musician Harry Styles had previously appeared. How do you like this combination? Us very much!

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Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles in the same suit. Setback? Absolutely!

Jennifer Aniston posted a photo comparison on Instagram that was originally compiled and shown by fashion columnist Evan Ross Katz. One of them shows Harry Styles posing on the wall at the Brit Awards 2021 in a 1970s inspired Gucci suit. The next one is Jennifer Aniston, who put on exactly the same styling during the photo session that took place in September 2021.

Just call me Harriet Styles, Aniston wrote on InstaStories.

However, the similarities do not end there. Jennifer Aniston showed one more list, which shows her and Harry in the same T-shirts with the words “save the drama for your mother”.

The actress wore it a dozen years ago on the set of “Friends”, while her younger industry colleague put it on in October 2020 in Los Angeles. Who do you think is better?

Jennifer Aniston, Harry StylesJennifer Aniston, Harry Styles jenniferaniston / Instagram

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