Jennifer Aniston and her BFF have the same tattoos! Tearing has several meanings

Jennifer Aniston

Until recently, few people knew that Jennifer Aniston had a small tattoo on her wrist. The actress tried to cover him as much as possible. She was doing great with it. It was only in 2020 that the world learned about body painting. Now you can know more details about it. It is this tattoo that connects Jennifer with her best friend.

Torn stars no longer surprise anyone. Those who once allowed themselves to be painted on a body did not stop at one. Either they target small, subtle tattoos or they go all out and tatter whatever they can. For many of them, tattoos have a specific meaning.

Jennifer Aniston She officially showed her tattoo at the SAG Awards in 2020. The tattoo on the actress’s wrist caused quite a sensation. Even more interesting was the fact that no one had seen the tattoos so far. Aniston has mastered the camouflage technique. This is not the only star tattoo, it also has the name of his deceased dog, Norman, tattooed on the ankle. However, it was the symbol on her wrist that was closely guarded by her. Why?

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This is not known exactly, just as there is no officially confirmed meaning of the tattoo. Even so, the case of Aniston’s mysterious tear returns. Jennifer’s Instastory showed a few photos with her friend Andrea Bendewald. And while the photo was about the star’s BFF birthday, she also shared a post posted by Andrea in February. In the photo you can see identical tattoos on the wrist.

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– they probably got this mysterious tattoo tattooed at the same time. So what does it mean? According to foreign websites, it has a wide symbolism. Tabloids were already convinced that the numbers were the date of departure of Jennifer’s beloved dog Norman, who passed away in 2011. The next number 11 would symbolize the birth of Aniston (February 11).

Now, one more theory has emerged. According to Vanity Fair magazine, it may also be that these numbers are supposed to bring people happiness. The double number 11 is meant to signify the angels who guide people on the right path.

The symbolism of tattoos is only considering foreign websites, it is not known exactly what meaning a tattoo has for Jen and her friend. Considering the fact that both have the same it certainly has great value for them!

And what kind of symbolism do you bet?

Jennifer Aniston with a friend

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