Jennifer Aniston and her love lessons to fully experience the world

The contract has formed part of the civil status of Jennifer Aniston For many years, even those with tenure in the international business can see how they have social interests, and one and other things are important: ¿por qué no tiene pareja?, ¿por qué sigue soltera?.

The image of the action in the public eye only reflects the image of a sad and lonely woman, but it is based on her “situation”. Sin embargo, ella es feliz y vive plenamente su soltería. Entonces, what is the problem?: the world has an erroneous concept of the solteros.

Yes, there is another star of Hollywood that has been destroyed by social precepts like Jennifer Aniston. Her divorce with Brad Pitt was because she started a new relationship with Angelina Jolie, including more than just her marriage, with rumors saying she already had a family.

In this combo that was played by the Friends act over the years, it combines with the estigma that young women hold in addition to being together and at home: having their friends. A crucial theme that a person must follow on their adult journey.

When Aniston divorced Justin Theroux in 2018, the touching image of the film’s co-protagonist, Marley and Yo, regresó a los titulares con speculaciónes sobre su divorcio y ambién sobre sur fertilidad. ¿Las mujeres sin hijos, tienen tiempo de caducidad? For the company, yes, because “ya owes tener hijos”.

A year before she separated from Theroux, Aniston wrote an abierta letter for her Huffington Post:

“If there is a type of symbol for some people, it is clearly an example of the slow one through our nosotros, like society, we have our mothers, daughters, husbands, friends, friends and colleagues. La cosificación y el scrutinio al que sometemos a las mujeres es absurdo e disquietante”, expuso.

Jennifer Aniston navigates the firm with the band of love weighing multiple prejudices on her civil status, including the decision to abandon the love of her propio without losing the love of another person.

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What are your lessons of love to fully experience the world?

Its value goes from solo to tener una pareja

“We are complete with our partners, with our friends. We can decide for our people that we are beautiful and that we respect our heart. This decision is ours and ours alone. We made this decision for our lives and for the young people of this world that we come as examples. Tomemos es decisión de manera conscious, fuera del ruido de la prensa sensationalista. We do not need to be at home, nor are we mothers to be complete.”

The “felices for life” also applies to the solteros

No harm done with foreigners to cause happiness. “We can determine our new propio ‘felices para siempre’ por nosotros mismos”.

A person who honors and respects what he does

“I don’t like the idea of ​​sacrificing anything that is necessary, but that it really doesn’t hurt like that,” he told the Wall Street Journal in an interview. Therefore, relationships consist “simply in not having to decide what is necessary and what you want”.

The soltería is also enriquece

“The times are changing and they are also surprising, we have so many options on these days”, we refer to what can be dedicated to more activities, idear more projects, plans, plan to more people and learn more about them.

Bridget Jones Ha sido during mucho tiempo el modelo de las solteras, a woman sad and solitaria llorando minetras come halado del box. However, if there are any problems, it will still be resilient when the descalabros pass through a pair.

In this sentiment, Jennifer, chose to come to the front to prosper for her, without having to comment with respect.

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Why is Jennifer so obsessed that she doesn’t have a new partner to dirty the floor? Quizás, because in the background, deals with a representation of the idyllic hope that stands so that “el amor es para siempre”.

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