Jennifer Aniston and the secret of her eternal youth

The beautiful actress Jennifer Aniston seems to know no time, from the days of Friends to today here is the secret of her eternal youth

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston (Ansa)


We all know the beautiful Jennifer Anistonfor some it will be the name that will give a bonus against time, given that another very famous Jennifer, the Lopezit too seems to pass unscathed as it flows, the secret however is not at all in the name, but in the lifestyle that as the two of them can testify is able to change things a lot. There Aniston he always shares a lot of his life on social networks with his followers and often even some beauty secrets that given the results on her it would be good to follow!

Jennifer Aniston, the actress reveals some secrets to stay fit just like her

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston (Instagram photo)

More than an actress, the beautiful Jennifer Aniston could be a model, for years under the eyes of all without almost letting time have an effect on her, so many secrets behind her spectacular physical shapemany of these often shared on social networks, it is not uncommon, for example, to come across his posts in which he shows himself wearing a yogawhile dedicating himself to the race or you prepare a salute fruit milkshake.

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Not just yoga and smoothies however, like the same Aniston he has declared, “It is essential to change training often to always stress your muscles in a different way”among other activities one that seems to bring great results to the actress is the jumping ropeniche sport and that too Jennifer Aniston did not immediately take seriously but that over time has proved to be one of the most effective, stimulating coordination, resistence And musculaturethe jumps in fact strengthen not only the legs and buttocks but also the arms.

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As always, nutrition also plays an important role, one of the secrets of the wonderful actress, which she revealed in the interview for the magazine First for Women Magazine, is the daily alarm clock, made from a drink of hot water and lemon followed by a breakfast based on fruit and fiberusually avocados and oats.

Another important step, at least it is for Aniston, is to follow a intermittent fasting 8-16alternating 8 hours in which you are free to eat, obviously without overdoing it, to 16 hours without taking solid foods, this practice according to the actress is a touches healthy for her physiquedraws many benefits but as recommended by herself it is important also drink lots of water especially in the fasting phase.

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