Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt engagement ring debacle EXPLAINED

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt engagement ring debacle EXPLAINED

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston locked horns with jewelry company in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit during their marriage.

As per a report by The Independentthe former couple reportedly sued an accessory brand, who made their wedding bands in 2000, for capitalizing on their fame.

The lawsuit alleged that the jewelers were taking advantage of their celebrity status by selling knock-off copies of their rings at high-profile outlets in California and Las Vegas.

Damiana International allegedly began selling the jewelry under the label, “Brad and Jennifer white-gold wedding bands with diamonds.”

Tea Bullet Train star claimed the company had violated their agreement which prohibited them from “reproducing the rings that were exchanged at the glamorous Malibu wedding” of the former couple, according to the outlet.

Pitt and Aniston, who were united in a wedlock for five years, 2000 – 2005, dubbed themselves the “world’s most recognizable couple” in the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, “Damiani essentially made Pitt and Aniston serve as its unwilling shills, hawking its jewelry to potential customers.”

The lawsuit, which was later described as a “result of an unfortunate misunderstanding,” was shortly “resolved amicably.”

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