Jennifer Aniston breaks up with unvaccinated friends

Jennifer Aniston breaks up with unvaccinated friends

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Jennifer Aniston breaks up with unvaccinated friends

This problem affects many people?

52-year-old Jennifer Aniston puts a hard line between her and those who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. The actress in an interview with the American magazine InStyle admitted that she severed ties with “a few friends” who did not get vaccinated and / or do not intend to do so.

“There is still a large group of people who are anti-vaccine or just don’t listen to the facts. It’s a real shame. I just lost a few people from my close circle who either refused or did not disclose [czy zostały zaszczepione, czy nie], she confessed in an interview.

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The Golden Globe winner said it is “a moral and professional duty to inform” people about the benefits of vaccination.

“It’s tough because everyone is entitled to their own opinion – but many opinions don’t seem to be based on anything but fear or propaganda,” she said.

Jennifer Aniston has made clear about her position on the viral situation. During the pandemic, she urged her Instagram followers to “wear a goddamn mask.”

“I understand face masks are uncomfortable. But don’t you think the worse thing is that companies are closing … jobs are being lost … health workers are absolutely exhausted. We have lost so many lives because we are not doing enough […] We can’t be so naive as to think we can outdo this … if we want it to end – the simple thing we can do is wear masks, “she wrote on her Instagram.

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