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Jennifer Aniston showed on Instagram to bold photos. 52-year-old star of the series: “Friends” shares with Internet users the frames on which he poses in the negative. There is also a comparison to the series hit!

Jennifer Aniston has a lot of popularity online! 52-year-old star of the series “Friends” started an account on Instagram, which is now followed by nearly 40 million users. No wonder that every move of the actress is widely commented on on the web and it was no different this time. On the Rachel Green series profile, there will be a post in the form of a gallery of photos taken at home. In the aforementioned photos, Aniston – wrapped only in a towel – poses in a loose hairstyle, showing herself without a trace of makeup. Effect? See for yourself!

Shift right.

Jennifer Aniston and the series: “Friends”

Jennifer Aniston, who will be celebrating her 53rd birthday in February, has literally captured her Instagram followers in a “natural” edition. The virtual “hearts” counter grew at an alarming rate, and the comment section was full of compliments from network users.

Incredible! How do you do it, make you look like that?

Your hair, your face… Omg, I’m in love!

You are amazing.

Queen! – you can read under the photos.

Other Internet users also referred to Aniston’s description, which – referring to the presented hairstyle – also mentioned air humidity. Reliable fans of “Friends” quickly wrote this statement with one of the episodes, writing:

It reminded me of Monic in Barbados.

You look like Monica in Barbados.

Jennifer Aniston appears on Instagram relatively recently, in 2019. From that moment on, the star’s account was gradually filled with more and more new frames and … the words of admiration from the fans of the 52-year-old actress. And for which role do you most value Aniston?

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