Jennifer Aniston criticized and accused of nepotism: what happened?

Jennifer Aniston is an actress from Los Angeles born in 1969. She became a well-known face worldwide after playing the role of Rachel Green in Friends for ten years, i.e. from 1994 to 2004. Then starred in a career on the rise that saw her be the lead character in blockbuster films such as Bruce Almighty, My Fake Wife, Marley & Me, How to Kill Your Boss…and Live Happily to name a few of the titles that have made her even more of a familiar face.

Likewise, his private life has also been the center of attention, especially for his marriage to his colleague Brad Pitt celebrated in 2000 and which ended after five years. She is very loved by the public for her sunny character and her talent, however in the last few hours she has been at the center of rumors and criticisms for some statements she has made and which are not really liked. To better understand what happened it is necessary to go back a few days and, more precisely, to Variety’s Actors on Actors when the actress Jennifer Anistonwith Sebastian Stantook part in the format ready to answer all questions. Aniston he emphasized how everything now is completely different than in the 90s by referring to the series Pam & Tommy which sees them as protagonists. Above all, becoming famous: in the 90s a person became famous for his talent, while starting from the 2000s this frenzy of wanting to be known at all costs even for no reason and, above all, without talent was born. These are his words that sparked criticism:

“At that time, the internet really shaped a new culture about getting famous. This thing about people getting famous for basically doing nothing. I mean, Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky, all those people. I feel so lucky to have had a little taste of the industry before it became what it is today. now there are many more streaming services: you are famous from TikTok, you are famous from YouTube, you are famous from Instagram.”

Jennifer Aniston actress
Actress Jennifer Aniston

Needless to say, web users didn’t like the words, who didn’t miss an opportunity and replied accusingly Jennifer Aniston of nepotism. The woman, in fact, is the daughter of the art of John Aniston (especially remembered for Days of Our Lives) and di Nancy Dow, two very famous actors of the past and, moreover, his godfather is Telly Savalas, actor who played the famous lieutenant Kojak. So, for the web audience, Aniston had the road paved at the beginning of her career above all thanks to her parents since, although she did not get along very well with them, they allowed her to study acting in New York and make room for herself in the golden world of Hollywood. Web users claim that a daughter of art shouldn’t have the right to criticize the new generation which, thanks to social networks, is able to find a job. Indeed, according to these people, the aniston he’s just afraid that his work might be taken over by younger people capable of inventing a job, the so-called emerging youth. Her words that made her pass as a snob also because she criticized streaming platforms when she signed with Apple TV+ a million dollar contract as she is the executive producer and the star of The Morning Show. At the moment, the aniston has not released any counter-reply to the criticisms received.

And what do you think of this diatribe? Do you share Jennifer Aniston’s words or do you think like web users? We are waiting for you in the comments!

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