Jennifer Aniston criticizes the anti-vaccine and sympathizes with Britney Spears

– I know that many Americans are simply afraid and believe anti-vaccines. It’s a shame.[…] I don’t have time for anti-vaccines or those who don’t listen to the facts, Aniston told InStyle.

The actress uses her popularity to promote various social actions. She was very much involved in persuading Americans to comply with pandemic restrictions. In 2020, she repeatedly called on the Internet to wear masks.

In an interview with “InStyle,” Jennifer made clear her attitude towards people refusing to receive COVID-19 vaccines. The star of the series “Friends” removes such persons from his surroundings.

– There is still a large group of people who are anti-vaccine or simply don’t listen to the facts. It’s such a shame. I just “cut myself off” from a few people who refused to get vaccinated or refused to admit whether they were vaccinated against the coronavirus, Aniston said.

… and sympathizes with Britney Spears

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