Jennifer Aniston did not understand what Matthew Perry was going through

Matthew Perry had anxiety states while filming “Friends,” and Jennifer Aniston admits that she didn’t understand it at the time. This changed after “A Meeting After Years”.

The cast of the cult sitcom “Friends” has recently returned to the set for the HBO Max special program “Meeting after years”. The production stars got loud again – everyone is eager to give interviews and remember their work on the set. Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) referred to the problems of Matthew Perry (Chandler) who had anxiety states during the filming of the series.

Friends: Jennifer Aniston on Perry’s stress

In an interview for “Today“Aniston admitted that at the time she had no idea what Matthew Perry was really experiencing on set. As she confessed, she did not understand how stressful his job was for him.

I didn’t understand the level of anxiety and self-torment Matthew Perry went through when the audience wasn’t laughing, and how it was devastating him. But it makes sense, she said.

friends of matthew perry stress jennifer aniston

“Friends” (Photo NBC)

During the program “Meeting After Years” Matthew Perry – to the surprise of the rest of the cast – shared his difficult experiences. “Friends” were filmed in front of the audience. When the audience did not respond with laughter to any of the lines, the actor immediately panicked. As he admitted, at such moments he was sweating all over and he had convulsions.

– I felt that I would die if they did not laugh. It certainly wasn’t healthy, Perry recalled.

Fans who watched the HBO Max program with the participation of the crew of “Friends” turned their attention to Matthew Perry – there were rumors of the actor’s poor health. The director of the program, however, denied all rumors.

Friends: Meeting After Years is available on the HBO GO platform

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