Jennifer Aniston explains why she is separating from

The interview Jennifer Aniston recently gave to InStyle magazine received a lot of media coverage. The anti-vaccine issue turned out to be particularly controversial. The star, which self-vaccinated against COVID-19 in May, has unequivocally opted for common sense and scientific facts. The winner of the Golden Globe emphasized that although she understands the fear and uncertainty that accompany us in the pandemic era, in her opinion, negative emotions should not deprive us of the ability to rationally assess reality.

“I know that many Americans are simply afraid and believe the anti-vaccine propaganda. We have all experienced information fatigue, global panic fatigue, because we hoped that one day we would wake up and hear something that would help us improve the situation, and the only thing we could do was we got, it’s even more chaos and panic. I know everyone has a right to their opinion, but many of those opinions are based solely on fear and propaganda. I have just lost some friends who, as it turned out, refused to take the vaccine. but I do not trust people who do not trust facts “- said the actress categorically.

Aniston’s statement provoked conflicting reactions. While some of the audience agreed with the star and praised her for “resolutely reacting to stupidity”, some expressed doubts about the legitimacy of taking such radical steps as breaking contacts with friends with different views. Still others were simply outraged by the actress’s strategy. “Since you vaccinated yourself, you are protected, right? So why worry about people who have not vaccinated?” – one of the website users asked in the comment under the star’s Instagram post. Aniston has now decided to address the widespread criticism of her decision.

“I am worried because you can still pass the virus to me. I may have mild symptoms of the disease then, but I will probably not end up in the hospital and die. But I can pass the virus on, for example to someone who did not get vaccinated because they have another serious disease. . In such a situation I will put her health and life at risk. That is why I am worried. We have to take care not only of ourselves. A virus that does not kill you, mutates and will try to kill you again “- explained the actress in the report published on Instagram.

This is not the first time Aniston has spoken on vaccination against COVID-19. In July last year, the star of “The Morning Show” shared on Instagram a photo of his friend who was hospitalized due to complications after contracting the coronavirus. The actress then called for consistent wearing of protective masks. “We can’t be so naive as to think we’ll overtake the pandemic. If we want it to end, we have to take the first step and wear a goddamn mask. Think of all the people who have suffered from this monstrous virus. Do it for your own people. families and for ourselves, “Aniston emphasized.

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