Jennifer Aniston founds a cosmetics brand

The business of the stars is a river topic. Nowadays, almost every celebrity has an additional source of income. Some establish restaurants, some conduct courses and training, and others open their own brands with various products. She joined the last group recently Jennifer Aniston, who decided to start with a cosmetic brand.

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Jennifer Aniston – cosmetic brand

The star of “Przyjaciół” informed his fans on Instagram that he was starting the brand LolaVie. What does this company offer? Hair Care. According to Aniston, the preparations are safe for both the strands and the scalp, because they do not contain sulphates, silicones or parabens. Additionally, the products are gluten-free, vegan, and not tested on animals. Jennifer also noted that she and her team have worked on this brand for a long time.

Will there be success? It’s hard to say, although judging by the positive comments on the 52-year-old’s profile, many of her fans will run to the drugstore and try the preparations. Will they be available to everyone? In terms of price, it is definitely a higher shelf. Currently the first product hit the American market – a spray that facilitates detangling the hair and at the same time smooths and gives shine to the strands. How much do you have to pay for it? $ 25, or about PLN 100.

We are waiting for cosmetics to appear in Poland, and you?

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