Jennifer Aniston, goodbye to dad John: “I will always love you”

Five keep photoon the sidelines of a touching message. Jennifer Aniston say hello like this Pope Johnwho passed away a few days ago at the age of 89 years: a farewell which, in fact, is also an announcement, because no one had yet spread the news of the legendary television actor’s death. «Sweet papa», begins the daughter sui social networks«you were one of best human beings I’ve ever known.”

“I’m really thankful you went to soar in the skies peacefully and without pain. and just the11/11! Have you always had a perfect timing» jokes Jennifer, who has exactly the same numbers tattooed on the left wrista design that for many has a spiritual character, but whose meaning has never been clarified. «That number, from now on, will have for me an even greater valueAnd. I’ll love you till the end”.

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Born in Greeceon the island of Crete, John Aniston he arrived in the United States with his family when he was just two years old. After studying theater arts atUniversity of Pennsylvaniabegan his career in 1962 by taking part in the detective series 87th Precinct. The explosion of popularity, however, comes only in 1985when it becomes a fixed character of the famous TV series The time of our life.

A part that earned him various awards and a nomination to the Daytime Emmy Awards 2017 as best supporting actor. An award that he later won to career last June: a certificate of esteem for him who continued to act even in the 2000s, collecting appearances in successful productions such as Star Trek, Cold Case And Mad Man. To Jen’s delight, proud of her dad.

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