Jennifer Aniston has 3 home remedies to keep youth (and it’s not her favorite cosmetics)

Jennifer Aniston’s self-care is not limited to applying face creams and regular anti-aging sessions in the office. The star of “Friends” knows perfectly well that even the most expensive procedures and cosmetics cannot make a big difference if your care is based only on the application of a lot of specifics and waiting for the results. For Jen, a young appearance is the sum of activities repeated every day, which constitute the “base” of her sensational form. What does the actress do every day in the comfort of her home in Los Angeles to stop time?

Let’s just remind that Aniston finished in February this year (sic!) 52 years and – contrary to many comments on the Internet – does not seem to overuse aesthetic medicine (or does it very, very skillfully). The actress appeared a few days ago in the picture together with her friends from the set of “Friends”, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrowthat cut off the rumors about her passion for Botox – because it is clear that she is not fighting wrinkles at all costs, while maintaining a fresh, radiant appearance and a beautiful complexion.

The leitmotif of my life is to like myself no matter what my age, and not to view aging as a negative thing, but as a privilege which it undoubtedly is. We all get old!“- the actress confessed in a recent interview. This, of course, does not mean that the star is resting on its laurels. However, more important than grooming, they became for her daily, healthy habitswhich pay off after years. “The point is to find some time for everything. I prepare healthy meals so that I don’t have to eat fast food at work. I get up 20 minutes early to practice and meditate a bit. It’s simple, I even stopped paying attention to it” – explains. So what does Jennifer think you should take the time to put in your daily routine to look younger?

1. Face massage

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Jennifer is a self-declared fan home anti-aging gadgets. Since she got burns on her face during laser surgery 10 years ago (as she revealed, after this unfortunate event, her complexion was red for a month), she has less confidence in office procedures and relies on simple activities that can be performed at home. In his villa in Los Angeles, he has, among others an infrared sauna where you relax after training and use it every day gilded face massager Gold Bar by Jillian Dempsey. It is a metal, vibrating T-shaped device that gives a lifting effect, shapes a falling contour and provides drainage of tissues, reducing swelling on the face. “I never thought that such a small gadget could produce such good results“- she admitted in an interview for American Vogue.

2. Healthy cocktails

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Jen believes in rejuvenating properties fruit and vegetable cocktails. In an interview with Allure magazine, she said that she especially appreciates it celery juicewho drinks half an hour after waking up (he spends the first 30 minutes of the day walking his dogs or meditating). Celery is a mine of anti-aging flavonoids, minerals and vitamins that contribute to the healthy appearance of the skin, hair and nails. In addition, thanks to the high content of magnesium, this vegetable relieves symptoms of stress and ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system. Occasionally, Aniston drinks a shot that is a blend right after a glass of celery juice water and apple cider vinegar – this specificity, in turn, has a slimming and detoxifying effect.

The star’s daily menu also includes a place for collagen cocktails. Jennifer emphasizes that when it comes to anti-aging, she only believes in products with proven scientific effects. For this reason, in order to maintain a youthful appearance, he reaches for powdered collagen peptideswhose supplementation has properties confirmed in research anti-wrinkle and firming the skin. The actress adds the powder to her daily cup of coffee on almond milk, which she spices with stevia (a natural, healthy sugar substitute) and a pinch of cinnamon.

3. Fitness and meditation

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Aniston has a special place in the daily schedule physical exercises and meditation sessions. To calm down, the actress spends at least 20 minutes a day meditating with the InsightTimer application (which many other stars have admitted to using, including Gisele Bundchen). Interestingly, the star confessed that for a minimum of an hour after waking up, she did not check Messenger or e-mail on her phone, devoting herself fully to relaxation and mindfulness sessions.

When it comes to training, at least Jennifer does it 1.5 hours a day (and every day!). Her personal trainer helps to keep a slim figure, Leyon Azubuike, who revealed in an interview with American Women’s Health that the actress loves yoga and boxing. While the first type of training allows her to remain supple and flexible, thanks to boxing exercises Aniston burns calories, shapes muscles and develops condition. “Two minutes of plank isn’t a problem for Jen“- admitted her trainer who watches over the physical preparation of the star.

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