Jennifer Aniston has a double. The video with her participation is the hit of the Internet

  • Jennifer Aniston has a lookalike
  • Lisa Tranel played scenes from “Friends” on Tik Toku, where she played the character played by Jennifer Aniston, which attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans of the actress’s talent and the cult series
  • The video with Lisa Tranel went viral, and fans of the talent of the star “Friends” suggested that she should contact the famous actress and record another material with her in a duet
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Lisa Tranel from the United States has a really big fan base on TikTok. Currently, it is followed by almost 209 thousand. people from all over the worldand the number continues to grow. Many stars could envy her such a result. All because Lisa Tranel looks almost identical to Jennifer Aniston.

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The look-alike of the “Friends” star approaches everything with a great distance and a sense of humor, as evidenced by her description on the TikTok profile, where she wrote:

You can find the rest of the article under the video:

Looks like a copy of Jennifer Aniston. Her recording became an internet hit

As it turns out, the woman is so much like a star that many Internet users thought that in fact they had just found the profile of one of the most famous and liked actresses. I must admit that Lisa Tranel not only has a similar face: eyes, nose, lips or even features, but even her hairstyle is almost identical. See for yourself and judge:

Lisa Tranel recently posted a video on TikTok, in which she quotes dialogues from the cult series “Friends”. He also imitates Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston) in an interview with Monika Geller. Internet users were simply delighted, and the video went viral in just a few moments. Fans of “Friends” wrote:

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