Jennifer Aniston has doppelgangers online! Tiktokerka makes a sensation thanks to its resemblance to the actress

Tiktokerka publishing under the pseudonym @she_plusthree on Wednesday shared a video in which he quotes dialogues from the hit sitcom “Friends”. Observers noted the great resemblance to the series Rachel.

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Jennifer Aniston has a double

Jennifer Aniston has a double. It’s Lisa because that’s what Magazine E! News’s name is tiktokerka, which movie gained immense popularity. 350,000 people watched the post in just 48 hours. Many social media users have wanted to meet the look-alike of Jennifer Aniston. What’s more, the video currently has over 540,000 likes and 15,000. shares. Following the post, observers left many comments highlighting Lisa’s resemblance to the Hollywood star:

I thought it was Aniston.

You look like Aniston.

They should meet.

Lisa has been hailed as Jennifer Aniston’s doppelganger. It has not only the same hairstyles, but Internet users see the similarity to the series Rachel also in her facial features, eyes and chin. Lisa is so much like a Hollywood icon that in the description on her Tik Toku profile she had to specify that it was not an account of the famous actress “Nie Jennifer Aniston”.

Meanwhile, the real Jennifer Aniston, after showing herself in a special episode of “Friends” and delighted with her beauty, is asked in the media about the secret of her youth. The actress claims that she uses intermittent fasting and practices pilates intensively.

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I wonder what he thinks about his doppelganger? And in your opinion they are similar?

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