Jennifer Aniston has downloaded an archive video. What was the work on the set of “Friends” like? Nice chaos and fun

A special episode premiered on the HBO GO platform on May 27 series “Friends” – “Friends. Meeting after years”. Moved by the production, Jennifer Aniston decided to return her memories to the times when the series was recorded. So, on her Instagram there are archival materials from the shooting set of “Przyjaciół”.

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“Friends”. Jennifer Aniston showed archival photos from the set of the series

The last episode of “Przyjaciół” was broadcast on May 6, 2004. From time to time there were rumors that the series would return to the screens. Unfortunately, for the next episodes of the production, in which we would learn about the fate of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler, we never lived to see it. However, a documentary appeared on HBO GO in which the actors recall working on the series.

The production of “Friends. Meeting after years” touched not only the fans, but also the actors of the cult sitcom. This can be seen especially on the Instagram of Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel. The star showed what the set of “Friends” looked like. So the well-known one can be seen in the photos she published living room Monika Geller, with the difference that there are also cameras, screens and all the equipment needed to record the production. Aniston also praised the frame where you can see him driving the Melex onto the set (photos can be found in our gallery).

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The archival recording of the interview with Aniston also turned out to be a real hit. The actress was to answer a few questions while on the set of “Friends”. Colleagues from the series did not facilitate her task and every now and then pretended to be the “master of the background”. So Matthew Perry z lamp ± or Lisa Kudrow with a fire extinguisher. See for yourself – it’s loud and chaotic, but everyone is having a good time.

As you can see, working on the series “Friends” gave the actors a lot of joy.

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