Jennifer Aniston has five tricks for a sculpted upper body. What does her trainer say? “For Jen it is hard to nady” And Myfitness rumors

Jennifer Aniston will probably surprise us many times. For the star of “Friends”, time has stopped and her figure is enviable. “It’s hard to keep up with Jen,” comments the actress’s commitment to her current coach Sam Gloveworx Leyon Azubuike. Aniston works incredibly hard to stay fit. We already know what it is used for to continue to delight with sculpted arms.

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Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow have joined forces for a good cause. Recorded a video referring to “Friends”

Five training tips from Jennifer Aniston

First of all – start with mobility training

It is foolish to start classes with the most explosive exercises. At the very beginning, you should work on the range of motion so that the mines get used to the activities performed. Therefore, before the actual part of the training, you should spend a quarter of an hour getting your body moving. Yoga will be perfect in this case. After a series of exercises in this field, we can move on.

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Second, combine push and pull with each workout

Recently, Aniston has come to love boxing. An experienced trainer pays attention to providing the actress with opposing movements, so that all muscles work properly. In this case, rowing movements work well.

Third – focus on one move at a time

The more the better? Not this time! Jennifer’s trainer advises you to focus on a movement that involves, for example, the triceps – do 12 to 20 repetitions, and then move on to another exercise, focusing on the next part of the arm muscles.

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Fourth – wash the abdominal exercises during each workout

Personal trainer Jennifer recommends that every class include at least one exercise for the core muscles. In this way, we train our stabilization, which will help us achieve better results also during exercises typical for the upper body parts.

Fifth – challenge yourself

Constant mobilization is the key to success for the actress. For this reason, the trainer Aniston, as soon as he notices that the mentee is getting used to one exercise, changes it to another. In this way, the muscles are constantly challenged.

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