Jennifer Aniston has incorporated carbohydrate into her diet again!

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world of show business. An American woman who turned 52 can boast of a real figure of a teenager. As she says herself, she did it for a reason. Its secret was avoiding carbohydrates. This time, however, she told People magazine that she decided to include them in the diet again. What will be the result of this experiment?

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Jennifer Aniston is incorporating carbohydrates into her diet again

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has maintained an amazing physique over the years. Its secret was not eating carbohydrates and other very strict rules related to nutrition.

Recently, in the pages of People magazine Jennifer Aniston confessed that she returned to carbohydrates. She was afraid to eat them because it is widely believed that they cause weight gain. But she changed her mind.

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Many people are afraid of bread baskets. I am not afraid anymore. You just need to eat in moderation. My body likes and needs carbohydrates. So why should I not eat them? Why deprive yourself of the things you love – Aniston added in an interview with People.

The actress changed her mind during the pandemic when she began to spend more time at home. At that time, she also prepared home-made bread. How would you rate her decision?

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