Jennifer Aniston has tried everything to stay younger, “even salmon cum on her face”

Jennifer Aniston on March 21, 2023 in New York City. Gotham / GC Pictures

The actress of Friends confided in an interview with wall street journal published on August 22, on the different treatments she tried to fight against wrinkles.

At 54, Jennifer Aniston is not immune to the weight of age and the pressure of the industry on actresses. In an interview given to wall street journal , she said she was quite open to many anti-aging techniques and ready to try everything at least once. She returned in particular to one experience in particular: a facial treatment based on salmon sperm that a beautician recently suggested to her. What the star of The Morning Show replied, “Are you serious? How can you get salmon sperm?

Salmon sperm, also known as DNA or PDRN (extracted from the testicles of fish), is indeed a star ingredient of K-Beauty or Korean beauty. The singer Doja Cat would also be a fan since we see her in her Vegas clip using the Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm stick from KAHI Cosmetics which contains it. In any case, despite her reluctance, the actress of Friends tried anyway. And to confide to the journalist that she did not know if this secret ingredient had had any effect on her skin.

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Daily Peptides

On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston seems convinced of the results of peptide injections every week to combat the effects of aging: “I think it’s the future”.

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At the same time, the unforgettable Rachel Green reveals that she follows a fairly strict diet even if she takes a break on Sundays to enjoy homemade burgers with her friends. She is also a fan of the intermittent diet. And says she follows a very intense sports routine with “exhausting and painful” exercises because she is convinced that it works.

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