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Due to the pandemic, we started using simple products to create really tasty baked goods. Among them are, among others hated by many flour that is used to make bread. Jennifer Aniston, who gave an interview to the magazine in June, spoke on this matter People.
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Jennifer Aniston: “I’m not afraid of the bread basket as long as everything is in moderation.”

Bread has dominated the world for a long time. Many famous actors have avoided bread, gluten and carbohydrates until the pandemic. Today, however, they adhere to the principle that everything in moderation is for people. One such person is Jennifer Aniston, who gave an extensive interview about her life to the magazine in June People.
“Everyone’s scared of the basket of bread,” said Jennifer Aniston. “I’m not afraid anymore as long as I reach for everything in moderation.” By eating noodles or a sandwich every now and then, at 52, Aniston is re-introducing carbohydrates into her ideal diet. “I feel my body is better when I eat carbs and then I think to myself, why am I depriving myself of the things I love?” – says the actress.

Carbohydrates have long been blacklisted by many segments of the wellness community due to the popularity of diets like Atkins and keto. Even so, “carbons” are essential to maintaining a healthy body and brain. Particularly in women, low-carbohydrate diets have been shown to affect hormones; and the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands, which regulate everything from stress, energy levels, mood, sex drive, metabolism, and immune function, are caloric-sensitive.
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Research suggests that too little carbohydrate can actually increase cortisol, the stress hormone, and affect your menstrual cycle and sleep, and even cause hair loss. One study of teenage girls who followed a very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet for six months found 45 percent. of them experienced menstrual problems.

Put simply, our bodies need carbohydrates as part of a balanced diet, so it’s no wonder Jennifer Aniston is reintroducing them to her diet. The best and healthiest way to eat them is to avoid simple carbohydrates, i.e. sugars – forget about pizza, cookies and white bread – in favor of those filled with fiber and nutrients, such as wholemeal, rye and grain bread, oatmeal, potatoes and quinoa.

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