Jennifer Aniston invoices Shock figures with her brand dedicated to Hair

Actress Jennifer Aniston founded LolaVie, her own brand of hair products. The brand is already a success!

Jennifer Aniston has launched its own line of products for hair care. In addition to being a good actress, Aniston is also an excellent entrepreneur and her brand LolaVie proves it, with a turnover in the first year of over 15 million dollars.

Jennifer Aniston, actress and entrepreneur

The Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston rose to prominence thanks to Friends – American sitcom of the nineties, which has now become a cult – in which he plays the unforgettable Rachel Green. Her success has never stopped over the years, but above all it has not been limited to the world of cinema: in addition to the films she has starred in, Aniston has become co-founder of the production company Echo Films and is one of advertising testimonials highest paid internationally.
Jennifer Aniston can boast a personal wealth that is around 300 million eurosbut that’s not why she’s willing to rest on her laurels: last year, the former Rachel Green founded LolaViehis personal brand of haircare productswhich has already conquered the market with staggering figures.

Jennifer Aniston, testimonial of herself

Tired of lending their image to other hair product brands, Jennifer Aniston he decided to found his own and become like that testimonial of itself. The brand LolaVie – which takes its name from the first car purchased by the actress – was born from the need to develop a few products, effective and at the same time respectful of the environment, which are capable of completely satisfying customer expectations.


Jennifer Aniston she is very involved in this new entrepreneurial adventure, of which she personally supervises every step. Now that LolaVie has started in a stable way, it is possible to say that the brand is a real entrepreneurial success, so much so that in just one year of life she has already invoiced over 15 million euros.

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