Jennifer Aniston is distraught. Familiar stars are anti-vaccines. “I had to cut myself off from them”

From the beginning of the pandemic, Jennifer Aniston urged fans to wear masks and be extremely careful both for their own health and for the good of other people. As soon as the green light appeared, the actress got vaccinated, which she began to encourage others to do. As it turns out, Jen’s actions did not appeal to some of her friends who do not accept vaccines. Aniston admitted that she found such an attitude embarrassing and incomprehensible.

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Jennifer Aniston discovered she had anti-vaccine agents among her friends

The star of “Przyjaciół” recently gave an extensive interview to “In Style” magazine. During the conversation with the reporter, she referred to how our lives have changed since the outbreak of the pandemic. It turns out that the situation has verified many acquaintances of the actress. Jennifer supports brave doctors and believes in the people of science. She didn’t respond to stupid comments for a long time, but the scoop changed over at one point.

Jarosław Jakimowicz, Jarosław KuźniarJarosław Kuźniar hits Jakimowicz hard

There are still quite a few people who are anti-vaccine or just don’t take the facts personally. This is a huge shame. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of a few people from my immediate surroundings who refused or did not want to confirm that they were vaccinated – Aniston complained.

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Vaccination is a very difficult topic. Even if we are not their supporters ourselves, we should not withhold information about whether we are vaccinated from other people. As it turns out, not everyone is so understanding, as the actress learned painfully. Jennifer, however, takes a deep breath and continues to educate fans about the importance of being informed about the coronavirus and how vaccines can contain the pandemic. For Jen, spreading the facts is a moral and professional duty. It is a pity that many people see things differently.

Vaccinations against the coronavirus are ongoing in Poland. Experts emphasize that the vaccine is the only way to successfully defeat the pandemic, and to protect the life and health of yourself and your loved ones. In the following texts, you can read about how vaccines are made and why you should get vaccinated.

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