Jennifer Aniston on family life, kids and the use of dating apps

Jennifer Aniston belongs to this group of show business stars who have so far not decided to have children. Although now questions about the offspring have died down, a few years ago they were one of the favorites, also in the actress’s family. As it turns out, even her closest ones did not let her go. The star was so fed up with these types of questions that she needed therapy.

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Huge popularity and family life

A turning point in Jennifer Aniston’s career was her role in the series “Friends”. It can be safely said that it was she who opened a lot of doors to the star and made her a real success. The interest in the actress was sustained by the media, which were interested not only in her professional but also private life. The marriage with Brad Pitt aroused a lot of emotions and for many years, during which Jennifer had to explain her lack of children. As it turns out, not only the media pressed, but also the immediate family.

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Jennifer Aniston doesn’t want children

Jennifer is one of the people who don’t want children. Despite the fact that there are more and more women in the world who decide not to have children, they still struggle with the burdensome questions of their family.

“You know, sometimes you don’t help your family members by asking,” What is this? You have a child? Are you getting married? ”Said Jennifer Aniston in an interview with People. She admitted that rumors posted in magazines about her alleged pregnancy only provoked further discussions about the lack of children. This topic became so onerous for the actress that she decided to go for a therapy, from which she learned a lot. Currently, the star is single and … does not use dating applications. Why?

“Absolutely not. I’m just going to stick to the normal ways of dating – someone’s inviting you. I wish it were so, ”she confessed, adding that marriage is not a priority for her and would prefer to find a real partner. It remains for us to wish it!

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