Jennifer Aniston on her relationship with David Schwimmer from “Friends”

The press began writing about the romance between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer after they appeared in a special episode of the series “Friends”. Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller, confessed to him at the time that he was “very much in love with Jen”. As Aniston later revealed, the TV series Rachel Green reciprocated him during the filming of the scenes for production in 1994-2004.

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Jennifer Aniston broke speculation about her affair with David Schwimmer from “Friends”

In August, a few weeks after the premiere of the special episode “Friends: The Reunion”, “Closer” magazine published information that Aniston and Schwimmer are dating. They were even supposed to spend time together in Jennifer’s apartment, where the actress would cook him delicious meals. Rachel and Ross in “Friends” have also been seen on a date in the vineyard. “It was clear that there was a lot of chemistry between them” – said the magazine’s informant.

Representatives of Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, however, denied rumors of romance. Speculation was finally interrupted by Jennifer Aniston herself. She was asked by a journalist from the portal “ET” about whether he was having an affair with Daivd Schiwmmer.

“It was weird. I couldn’t really believe it. Really? He’s my brother!” – the actress confessed. “But I totally get it. It just shows how much hope and fantasy people have to make their dreams come true,” said Jennifer Aniston.

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