Jennifer Aniston, perfect face at over 50: her anti-aging secret

Born in 1969, Jennifer Aniston her skin is perfect, silky and smooth, wrinkles are practically non-existent. Her anti-aging secret? The hydrolyzed collagen that you can also buy online by spending just over 20 euros.

What collagen is used for

Collagen is the main protein in our body and helps ensure its strength, flexibility and movement. As we age, however, its production by the body decreases, which is why regular collagen supplementation it can help counteract its physiological decline and support the health of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. Of course, the results may vary. But several studies have suggested benefits of consuming collagen peptides daily for several months.

Jennifer Aniston, her anti-aging product

Jennifer Aniston can no longer do without it in her daily beauty routine since before 2016. In particular, she uses Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins. He was advised by his doctor and since then he has never stopped using it. “I love the fact that Vital Proteins gives me the chance to look and feel my best, despite all my busy schedules,” said the actress. “My routine is to add Collagen Peptides Vital Proteins to my cup of coffee or my morning smoothie. It’s so easy to use! ”.

Aniston’s favorite product has important characteristics that they guarantee well-being and vitality to the organism and they are powerful anti-aging. Jenny’s face is so bright, fresh and wrinkle-free that her 20-year-olds envy her. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides contains 20g of collagen peptides per serving and can be taken easily because it dissolves quickly in hot and cold liquids, without altering them, as it is odorless and tasteless. Among other things, you can also buy it online with a cost of just over 20 euros.

Jennifer Aniston, a hymn to ageless beauty

Jennifer Aniston was so enthusiastic about the results that she became Chief Creative Officer of Vital Proteins from 2020 and from 30 October 2022 she is the protagonist of the new campaign “Make Your Every Moment Vital”. It is an album of films, images and personal photographs never seen before that tells the story of the star’s collage-based wellness path, recently thanked publicly by her colleague of Friends Matthew Perry.

Aniston talks about her commitment to beauty: “It’s small moments, whether it’s meditation or movement, that can make a big difference in our wellness routine. The new Vital Proteins campaign wants to be a source of inspiration to think about our wellness programs “.

Meditation every morning, positive thoughts that she loves to write and careful skin care that she keeps very hydrated and clean with three scrubs a week, complete the beauty routine of Jennifer Aniston whose charm leaves no one indifferent, not even her ex Brad Pitt.

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