Jennifer Aniston queen of beauty entrepreneurs: her brand Lolavie has a record turnover

The hairstyle guru destiny of Jennifer Aniston it was written in the nineties, when the actress played Rachel Green in the tv series Friends: his character’s name became the name of one of the most copied haircuts ever, The Rachel Cut, the long and highly scaled bob that brought Rachel aka Aniston from 1995 for a few seasons. Her interest in hair care products and cosmetics must have been born in those years, which led her to first become a testimonial, then co-owner and executive director of various beauty brands, up to the launch of her own haircare brand. , in September 2021: Lolaviea success that in its first year of life, as reported by Vanity Fair Spain, has generated over 15 million dollars.

It’s back with us: the ‘Rachel’ cut returns to frame the faces of celebrities

by Giulia Mattioli

“The thing that many people don’t know about Jennifer Aniston is that she really is obsessed with scientific publications, technological advances and innovations in cosmetics“. For this reason, the role of simple testimonial of beauty brands has always been close to her, from her first beauty collaboration in 2010 with Elizabeth Arden, with which he created a perfume first called Lolavie and then quickly renamed with his name. A brief but precious collaboration: it was on this occasion that the actress met those who are now her partners in Lolavie; Joel Ronkin and Amy Sachs, senior executives with a long experience in the world of cosmetics.


Jennifer Aniston launches her first beauty line: LolaVie, dedicated to hair

by Alessandra D’Acunto

Before launching her brand, however, the actress tried to make the I dream of developing my own hair products together with technicians and laboratories with the haircare brand LivingProof: in 2012 she started the collaboration and then became co-owner, but in 2016 she sold her shares after the sale of the company to Unilever. She shipwrecked this experience she did not give up and she, after becoming Chief Creative Officer of the range of collagen food supplements Vital Proteins, sublimated his passion and cosmetic training with the launch of Lolavie, for which he put “countless man hours” in product supervision, marketing and creative direction. An investment that paid off.

Perennials Beauty

From ice to infrared: Jennifer Aniston’s beauty lessons

by Martina Manfredi

The right timing also contributed to its success: Lolavie arrived on the market after the pandemic, at a time when the demand for luxury hair care productsas performing as sustainable. Just the actress’s products – shampoo, conditioner, detangling spray, styling cream, oil and brush – which are presented on the site as “the best of science and nature”. In addition to recyclable packaging, the formulas themselves are more sustainable, replacing water with the essence of bamboo, a plant that grows quickly without the need for fertilizers and regenerates itself from its roots.


The deluxe hair care boom: welcome to the age of ‘Skinification’

by Martina Manfredi

The result is that today the requests for Lolavie products continue to grow, also thanks to a social marketing which sees Jennifer Aniston in one of her best starring roles: that of “customer zero”who tries out the products in her bathroom and explains them simply and directly in front of her smartphone camera.

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