Jennifer Aniston Relived an Epic Moment of “Friends” and … It Caused Shock!

Jennifer Aniston

The most beloved television actress made her own on social networks.

The popularity of Jennifer Aniston reaches unsuspected levels, so much so that just months after being released on Instagram already has more than 25 million followers.

Who gave life to the character of Rachel in the series “Friends”, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and remembered actresses of the famous television show, which to date continues to captivate millions of fans.

Recently the American actress wanted to welcome her in a very peculiar way, her partner Matthew Perry, who has just joined the famous social network.

In a post in which he shares a sequence of photos and videos of her golden age on the small screen, Jennifer wrote: “I’m surprised that Matty is the last to join Instagram.”

Part of the published content is a fun fragment of an episode of the legendary series, in which Rachel and Monica lose a bet with Chandler, played by Matthew.

As expected, Aniston’s post was all the rage among “Friends” fans, who flooded the artist’s message box with comments after reliving unforgettable moments.

The Hollywood celebrity does not stop talking about it, remember that recently she was immersed in a great controversy, after being seen leaving a hotel in Los Angeles with her former John Meyer.   



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