Jennifer Aniston shared a lovely video from years ago

Emotions after the special episode of “Friends” still have not subsided. The cast and creators remember the days they spent on the set. Jennifer Aniston shared the behind-the-scenes video. See for yourself!

“Friends” returned with a special program called “Friends: Meeting After Years”. The main cast met on the set – Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), David Schwimmer (Ross), Courteney Cox (Monica), Matthew Perry (Chandler), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey). There were also special guests, incl. Lady Gaga, who together with Lisa Kudrow performed “Smelly Cat”. On the occasion of the reunion, Jennifer Aniston shared a previously unpublished video from behind the scenes.

Friends: Jennifer Aniston uploaded a video of the set

On her Instagram profile, the actress showed a short video from years ago, in which she is interviewed – or rather she is trying to do it, because almost everyone interferes with her in various ways, whether by moving things from the set and hooking on her, or literally interrupting conversation. Only Courteney Cox is absent – Monica would not do something like that!

The video saw the light of day during the special program “Friends: Meeting After Years”. Aniston and Davis Schwimmer revealed in him that they wanted to be together privately, but they failed. During the reunion, the creators also referred to the age-old fan dispute over whether Rachel and Ross had a break.

Friends: The reunion after years is on HBO GO

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