Jennifer Aniston, the real salad she has been eating for 10 years

Not everything that ends up on the net related to VIPs is true and Jennifer Aniston he wanted to break the silence regarding a piece of news relating to his account that has been circulating online for years. For some time there has been talk of a type of salad that the actress would have consumed for ten years on the set of the series Friends. An alleged dish based on quinoa, feta, cucumbers, chickpeas, mint, onion, pistachios and oil, which has recently also gone viral on Tik Tok. But, there is a but. Jennifer has decided to step in to tell her about her, which is that this is not the real salad she ate during the filming of the series.

“I’m sorry, I feel like I’m letting everyone down, but it’s not my salad,” Aniston said during a Zoom interview with Shape. “It looks delicious, but it’s not the salad I had at Friends,” he continues, admitting he doesn’t know where the online recipe comes from. The salad that the American star actually ate was “totally different” and consisted of a dish of grated lettuce, chicken, egg whites, some chickpeas, bacon and a vinaigrette dressing. Sometimes, Aniston would add pecorino from a nearby Italian restaurant to top it all off. Nothing more.

In reference to her current diet and nutrition, Jennifer Aniston follows a basic principle: balance. “Focus on being really good to yourself, but also allow yourself moments of indulgence,” she remarked. Her motto about being kind to herself also refers to her training routine. Currently, she the actress loves doing Pilates, but she admits she went through a time when she just didn’t want to train. “I really neglected training,” she says. “I used to wake up no matter what I was doing and did at least 20 minutes per workout and for whatever reason my body would say ‘no, this is not what your body wants.”

But lately Aniston has felt “hopeless for the state of the world,” she said, referring to the pandemic and other global issues, adding that “it took her a long time” to get up and get active again. She began to slow down and focus on other wellness habits, such as meditation, which she thought was her “most important thing” in her daily routine.

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