Jennifer Aniston turned down the role in “The Games of Fate”

Press Room - 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards

Press Room – 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards

Peter Chelsom, director of the famous 2001 romantic comedy “Game of Fate”, revealed that initially he wanted to entrust Jennifer Aniston with the female lead role. The actress, however, did not show interest in the proposal, as she was absorbed in playing in the series “Friends”. The film finally starred Kate Beckinsale, who was nominated for the Saturn Award for her performance.

Jennifer Aniston is still best known to viewers for the role of Rachel Green, which she played years ago in the cult series “Friends”. In 2002, she received an Emmy for her performance in production, and a year later a Golden Globe statuette. It turns out that playing in the famous sitcom absorbed her to such an extent that she rejected another interesting role. Aniston was the first choice of the authors of the famous 2001 romantic comedy “Igraszki fate”. As revealed in an interview with “Insider”, the director of the picture, Peter Chelsom, it was the series Rachel Green wanted to entrust the main role. “I clearly remember our meeting. Jennifer came over and immediately said she was doing a romantic comedy once a week in “Friends.” Apparently, she had too many things on her mind to be involved in another project. It was her decision. If she showed interest, we would definitely make her an offer, ”the filmmaker recalls.

The comedy “Igraszki losu” made its debut in cinemas exactly 20 years ago. It is a story about two strangers who meet during Christmas shopping. The couple immediately fall in love with each other, but instead of exchanging phone numbers, they decide that destiny is to determine their future. Claire Forlani and Carla Gugino, who Chelsom reveals, “was very close to getting the job,” are also on the list of candidates for the lead female role. Ultimately, however, it got Kate Beckinsale, who was co-starred on the screen by John Cusack.

Last year, Beckinsale told of an unpleasant incident involving Harvey Weinstein, a film producer convicted of multiple sexual crimes. By publishing photos from the premiere of the picture, the actress revealed that the entire film crew opposed the decision to organize the event due to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, which had occurred just a few weeks earlier. “We didn’t want to go there because organizing a film premiere under such circumstances seemed simply indecent. But Harvey insisted, ”Beckinsale confessed. In response to the star’s objections, Weinstein would later call her names. “I remember him screaming about ruining its premiere. I didn’t know how to act, I was shaking all over ”- recalled the actress. (PAP Life)

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