Jennifer Aniston uses 15-15-15 methods during training. What is it about? It’s an easy way to get some surprisingly good results I Myfitness Rumors

The killer form of Jennifer Aniston is the result of the actress’s self-discipline and well-chosen exercises. It turns out that the star does not make complicated formations at all, and uses a method that is becoming more and more popular recently, and that we can easily apply it. What is Jen’s active morning like?

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Jennifer Aniston’s favorite way to stay in shape. What is the 15-15-15 method?

Aniston revealed the secrets of the exercises in an interview with “In Style”, for which she gave a longer interview, which you can read in the September issue of the magazine. Fans of the “Friends” star always wonder what the secret of Jennifer’s athletic figure is. Their curiosity was certainly satisfied at least a little by the actress’s words.

Last fall I was injured and was only allowed to do Pilates. But now I’m finally going back to my favorite trainings 15-15-15 – confessed the star.

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What do the mystery numbers mean? It turns out that the star’s favorite activity is a 15-minute spinning bike, with a distance of 15 miles (probably Jennifer was talking about miles, which is 24 km). The last “fifteen” refers to the difficulty level. When choosing a bicycle spinning, we have the option of setting a flat, mountainous route, uphill and downhill riding. In the United States, group spinning with music is an extremely popular method of exercise.

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What are the benefits of bicycle spinning?

No wonder Jen was delighted with this way of training. Bicycle spinning can be great fun and at the same time brings us great results. Strengthened condition is not everything, it is worth knowing that during bicycle spinning:

  • we burn a lot of calories;
  • we increase the efficiency of the respiratory system;
  • we strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdomen;
  • we improve the work of the circulatory system;
  • we reduce stretch marks and cellulite;
  • we firm and elasticize the whole body.

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