Jennifer Aniston’s 15-15-15 workout

The advantage of this type of training is mainly psychological: thinking about running or spinning for 45 minutes is challenging. If, on the other hand, we give ourselves an effort of 15 minutes, everything seems simpler, more feasible. “In general, short training sessions are increasingly requested, such as HIITs because time has become an increasingly precious asset”, he explains. the personal trainer and Master Judo and Ju Jitsu Riccardo Carancini. “The idea is that a short but intense physical activity produces better results than a” normal “form of training with less muscle fatigue,” continues the PT.

It must also be considered that at 53 years of age perhaps a training of this type is actually more suitable because it is very likely that you do not have the same physical resistance as you have at 20 years of age. So, three blocks of 15 minutes are certainly more suitable for those who are no longer very young.

The three types of training of Jennifer Aniston’s 15-15-15 workout being all aerobic «and therefore with a high consumption of calories are suitable for those who want to lose weight. Then of course, everything also depends on the frequency of the sessions and the combined diet ”, says Carnacini.

In fact, if you have already entered the menopause phase, weight is one of the factors to keep an eye on constantly. Hormonal fluctuations are in fact responsible for the accumulation of fat. Sex hormones in fact regulate appetite, eating behavior and energy metabolism; the result is that the body burns fewer calories and, consequently, physical activity must be more aerobic to help burn off excess calories.

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