Jennifer Lawrence 10 years from Hunger Games: a portrait

“Sorry, but I’m sleeping with my eyes open”: of the many encounters with Jennifer Lawrence this is the phrase that remains most impressed. At the Hotel De Russie in Rome, she without shoes, crouched in the interview room, next to her colleague Josh Hutcherson, she stares into space. It was 2013 and she was in the capital, at the Film Festival, to present the second chapter of The Hunger Games. The saga that launched it in the star system, born from the pen of Suzanne Collins in the trilogy published in Italy by Mondadori, was already a worldwide phenomenon. For the occasion, the Oscar winner touched five European cities in five days and therefore this attack of sleep in the middle of a conversation does not sound strange.

Chronology of a phenomenon

On the big screen the film arrived exactly ten years ago and from 14 April it will also land in Italy in a special celebratory box set (on DVD and Bly-Ray with a photographic booklet and unpublished content on the four films). At the time, the distribution house of the film did not understand what it was and while the phenomenon exploded all over the world, it arrived at the cinema with more than a month delay (result? The other chapters were entrusted to a major different).
Just in Rome, Jennifer Lawrence told that she was asked to lose weight for the role, but she didn’t care. His statement sparked a debate capable of partially changing the rules of the game in Hollywood. Of course, in that case the character, Katniss, was described in the books as a skinny little girl, debilitated by hunger and the struggle for survival, and she didn’t reflect any of these characteristics. Yet what on paper looked like a bad casting choice turned out to be the most apt prediction of a rising star in front of the lens.

Game of mirrors

At the age of 21, the Kentucky gal was a diamond in the rough, not very politically correct and too spontaneous for showbusiness. These characteristics of her, however, have turned from weakness to strength, in an incredible game of mirrors with her Katniss. In the dystopian story, in fact, the girl lives in District 12, the poorest of a dictatorial regime governed by Capital City. The revolt of another area, over seventy years earlier, had led to the creation of Hunger Games (The Hunger Games), a sadistic competition between kids in an Arena (Roman style, to understand). Sent there by drawing lots, the Tributes (as the competitors are called) arrive in pairs from each of the Districts and the last one to stay alive wins.

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