Jennifer Lawrence and her husband have faced an “intruder” in their home


Jennifer Lawrence and her husband, Cooke Maroney have had to deal with an “intruder” entered their home in Los Angeles.





Jennifer Lawrence and the husband Cooke Maroney had to deal with an’“intruder” that was the entry in their home, unexpected situation that has frightened the spouses. The pair however, entered into action before the arrival of the police and the incident resolved itself, fortunately without dramatic consequences.

A week ago, around 21, the star was at his home in Los Angeles when, with her husband, have noticed a disturbing presence: a twenty three year old had in fact managed to enter in the house through the main door, which had not been closed properly. Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney have then stopped the “intruder” and called the police. The policeman on the place of the crime, the twenty-year-old has stated that he simply wanted to meet the actress, being a huge fan of, being, however, arrested and faced with a possible sentence for having introduced illegally in the house of Jennifer.

The Oscar winner and Maroney, as reported by the site Moviewebyou had forgotten to close and lock the door and this allowed the woman to enter without any difficulty. The two stars, appeared visibly shaken for the experience, would ensure that in the future the level of attention concerning your safety will surely be higher.

Jennifer and Cooke were married in the month of October, and the star of the Hunger Games, coming soon, should be back on the set after a break from the acting world.



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