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The words expressed by have caused quite a stir Jennifer Lawrence during the chat made with Viola Davis in the well-known format of variety in which two well-known stars talk face to face.

The actress, in short speeches, had claimed to have been, with Hunger Gamesthe first female lead in an action film and to have helped to demolish the stigma that this type of film is not capable of achieving widespread success with audiences.

Inevitably, the reasoning made by Jennifer Lawrencewhich you can read in this article of ours, caused both insiders and people to discuss on social media due to the lightness with which she was clearly forgetting the work done, long before her, by many of her colleagues, both in the cinema mainstream than more or less genre.

The protagonist of Bright side And Red Sparrow has entrusted the Hollywood Reporter with its rectification admitting that it is an externalization that “she came out badly”:

That is absolutely not what I meant. I know very well that I was not the first female lead in an action film. What I wanted to emphasize was the wonderful feeling you get. I meant to explain this with Viola – going beyond the old myths that are talked about in the industry. On the existing chatter to certain topics. It was my mistake, she came out badly. But I had the nerve to talk to a living legend.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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