Jennifer Lawrence quits Adam McKay film due to Amanda Seyfried

For Jennifer Lawrence, becoming a mother at the beginning of the year inevitably represented a significant moment in her life. If in private the birth of her son has brought love and serenity, there seem to be hitches at her work and unexpected changes in plans.

Announced to star in Blad Blood, we couldn’t wait to see the actress and McKay back together after the very lucky Don’t Look Up of 2021. It seems that the director now has the mangy task of finding a new protagonist for his film, after theabandonment by Lawrence.

The reason seems to have been there extraordinary performance by my colleague Amanda Seyfried of Holmes, the protagonist con artist is of Bad Blood that of the series The Dropoutwhich allowed Seyfried to win a well-deserved Emmy this year. Both works follow a similar premise, telling the story of notorious con artist Holmes and her health technology company Theranos. Holmes founded the organization at just 19, growing its value to $10 billion on his supposedly groundbreaking blood-testing technology, though investigations later found that Theranos had duped investors.

Considering this was a series, The Dropout has delved into the life of Holmes more than McKay’s film is likely to do, exploring the teenage years, his college dropout to found his infamous company, up to his ousting for fraud and subsequent fraud allegations. Bad Blood will instead adapt the novel of the same name by the Pullitzer Prize-winning journalist John Carreyrouwhich documents the sudden rise and dramatic fall of Theranos and Holmes, respectively.

Just Seyfred’s brilliant work on Holmes, which she herself told, prompted Jennifer Lawrence to back out of the projectstating: “I thought she was great. No need to redo it. She already did“.

None desire to compare and no intention of attempting a work already considerably accomplished by others. These are the reasons behind the abandonment of Lawrence, who now leaves a vacancy in Bad Blood to be filled as soon as possible.

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