Jennifer Lawrence says no to her casting for the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence

The actress Jennifer Lawrence joined the prestigious colleague Viola Davis for the talk series Actors on Actors of the American magazine Variety and revealed that the only concern that everyone had, when his casting for the saga was announced Hunger Gameswas related to his weight it’s at how many kilos did he intend to lose.

Despite having already earned an Oscar nomination for A freezing winterLawrence, at the time of casting the role of Katniss Everdeenwas still relatively new to Hollywood and right there teen saga taken from the novels of Suzanne Collins shortly afterwards, in a decisive and definitive way, he would have contributed to making her a world superstar and to fixing her name in the contemporary Hollywood firmament.

«The Hunger Games was a big responsibility Lawrence said of the role. Those books were huge, and I knew the audience was made up of children. I remember the most important conversation being, “How much weight are you going to lose?”. In addition to being young, growing, and unable to diet, I don’t know if I wanted all the girls who would dress like Katniss to feel like they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have a certain weight. And I couldn’t even let this idea enter my brain».

For Lawrence Hunger Games at the same time it represented the rare opportunity to make an action film with a female character at its center. So many years later, Viola Davis had a similar opportunity with The Woman King, now in the cinema. «I remember when I was shooting The Hunger Games, no one had ever put a woman in the lead in an action movie because it wasn’t going to work and we were told that girls and boys can equally identify with a male lead, while boys cannot identify with a female lead Lawrence added. For which I am really very happy every single time i see a movie come out that surpasses each of those beliefs and proves that it’s just a lie to keep certain people out of movies, in order to keep certain people in the same positions they’ve always been in».

Find the video of the conversation held for variety to which we referred HERE.

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