Jennifer Lawrence use Instagram to hidden (but hates the social)


Actress Jennifer Lawrence has repeatedly said not to use the social network, but has admitted having a fake profile Instagram, which he uses to spy on the other. Why?

If we are used to vip, actresses and politicians live especially on social networks, elsewhere it is not so. Many stars of the US that do not use social publicly, and one of these is Jennifer Lawrence.

The talented and beautiful actress has stated several times, in the course of the years, not to have no social profile. In 2014, he said even that would not have never had, nor Twitter, nor Facebook, nor Instagram. But is this really so?

Jennifer Lawrence Instagram: his confession

The actress explained to the press that does not want to “to be out there [nel web, ndr] without reason. There are always so many repercussions, so many people who listen and who speak and have opinions on everything…”

In short, Jennifer Lawrence does not seem to love the excessive pressure from the media caused by social, and we can understand it. Also because he has had a horrible experience connected to the Internet.

A few years ago, because of a cowardly hacker intrusion, were spread online some of his private photos that depicted naked. Despite this, the young star has passed the bad experience, even if you don’t trust yet all of the web and social networks. Or almost.

JOY by Dior 2019 Jennifer Lawrence campaign
JOY by Dior 2019 Jennifer Lawrence campaign @ Dior

Jennifer uses social secretly, incognito

Something indeed is changing: it came out that Lawrence doesn’t use social network publicly, but account fake that use to observe the other.

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“I’m working on it,” he said, “but I’m a voyeur: I look at and just, I don’t speak”.

You know for certain that the actress has a fake profile Instagramalso because in this way it is more convenient to follow others with the official app. One day, who knows, maybe they will decide to come out and use Instagram publicly, but until that time we do not know what his profile.

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There are different types of fans, but its seems to be a real “finsta”, i.e. a fake-Instagram, a fake profile. And it is not the only…

Other stars don’t use social (but they use fake profiles)

It seems that many “stars” use of “finsta” for a look at the photos of others, without, however, post their.

As we said at the beginning, the Lawrence is not the only one to not use social publicly. Even her best friend, Emma Stone, is not present with public profiles. Ditto Kristen Stewart, Daniel Radcliffe, Mila Kunis, George Clooney and his wife Amal.

But there are many other stars, mostly from the us, who reject the social. It is thought that even Kate Middleton uses Instagram as well.

The main reasons are almost always two: one, don’t need to promote, given that there are far too famous and tormented by gossip, and the two are already too much pressure in the media against them and to be present on social would only increase it.

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