Jennifer Lawrence will be Tinkerbell in a live action film of Disney?


Jennifer Lawrence seems to be the preferred choice by Disney for the role of Tinkerbell in a movie, a live-action.





Tink it could have the face of Jennifer Lawrence: the Oscar-winning actress seems to be the preferred choice Disney that would be developing a potential film, a live-action dedicated to the friend of Peter Pan.

According to some rumors online, the potential feature film produced by Disney racconterebbe the origins of the character and the past spent on the Island that there is not, and Jennifer Lawrence would be perfect for the role of the protagonist.
Tink would then be the character at the center of one of the next projects in the live-action after the two films dedicated to Maleficent and Cruella, of which they are currently filming and will star Emma Stone.

Tink is one of the brands most exploited Disney that has made in the past years many animated films aimed at the market dvd.
For now, however, the study is not leaked any official news and we will have to wait a few months to find out if the potential project will emerge among the titles in pre-production phase in view of the construction of the list of the upcoming film season.



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