Jennifer Lawrence’s non-shoes are surprisingly chic

Ballerinas-non-ballerinas, more like leather ghosts than shoes. But on Jennifer Lawrence these luxe non-shoes manage to seem the quintessential practicality.

Jennifer Lawrence’s latest street style look was an example of what is called a “stroller outfit”, in the sense that the actress was photographed while she was in mom mode, intent on pushing the four-wheeled vehicle through the streets of Manhattan wheels inside which was, presumably, the eight-month-old son Cy, had by her husband Cooke Maroney. A white coat under which a burgundy sweater, dark leggings and a Mets cap could be glimpsed, Jennifer’s outfit does not present, at first glance, particular elements of novelty, except that, by sliding the gaze downwards, one realizes that, in fact, there is something different. Instead of the traditional, sturdy New Balance sneakers, the actress has in fact chosen something with a decidedly more ephemeral appearance, a pair of shoes that could be included in the so-called “non-shoes” trend.

The luxury of the ephemeral

At first glance, they might be mistaken for minimalist black flats, but upon closer inspection, they look more like leather ghosts, an impression reinforced by the fact that the silhouette of the toes is clearly visible at the front. Obviously, despite the nonconformist allure, it is a luxury accessory, a proposal by The Row, to be precise, the brand founded by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen which is very popular among Hollywood stars and is notoriously loved by Jennifer Lawrence . Made of a very thin stretch nappa leather and without lining, Ozzy slippers are shoes that, unlike New Balance, cannot in any way be defined as affordable for everyone.

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