Jennifer Lopez, 54, appears without filters or makeup on Instagram and reveals her beauty routine

Just a few days after blowing out its 54 candles, Jennifer Lopez appears on her natural Instagram page, without filters or makeup. ” No filter. Just. Me”, she comments on her video, while revealing to her 250 million followers her beauty routine. Indeed, the American star is absolutely not her age and appears more beautiful than ever. What is the secret of his youthful air and his flawless skin ? Here is the answer.

“That’s what it’s like to be 54! for Jennifer Lopez

Many personalities engage in a constant and desperate struggle against the signs of aging. This is not at all the case with jlo. Not only has the singer chosen to assume her 54 springs, but she does so with joy and with complete serenity. “I just celebrated my birthday… And I feel better than ever! » confess Jennifer Lopez in his video. And to add, all smiles: “That’s what being 54 years old is! »

The reactions of the followers are not long in coming. “I’m 35 and she looks younger than me! “complains the user in the comments. “You are 54 years old and you are so natural and so beautiful! reacts the other fan. One thing is certain: even “nude”, Jennifer Lopez does not lose its superb and is always as successful as when it is made up for a gala evening.

JLo Beauty, the cosmetics brand launched by Jennifer Lopez

Via this short video, the actress promotes some beauty products that she uses for his daily routinenamely, the care of its own brand of cosmetics JLo Beauty. It’s about JLo Glow serum, an illuminating and firming treatment, rich in niacinamide, a sebum-regulating element. Like all products of its brand, this serum is “luxurious and accessible”.

Creating JLo Beauty was a dream of the star that took her 20 years to achieve. “I was involved in all aspects of the development,” comments Jennifer Lopez, because JLo Beauty must authentically reflect my values ​​and reflect who I am, what I believe in and how I live my life. »

The slogan: “Beauty has no expiration date”, perfectly reflects the vision of Jennifer Lopez and also the main objective of her brand. “Our skincare should work as hard as you do, so we’ve packed powerful ingredients into compositions and concentrations that work,” the pledge reads. “We’ve gone through over 100 product development cycles to bring you formulas that deliver a range of benefits such as clinically proven, instant and longer-term results. »

Jennifer Lopez’s trick to having beautiful skin

However, using the JLo Glow isn’t the singer’s only beauty tip. In her video, she shares another no less valuable tip for preserving the youthfulness of the skin. Small demonstration: after cleaning his face, Jennifer Lopez applies a dose of her JLo Glow serum and, to finalize the ritual, she puts her sunscreen SPF 30 moisturizing, That Big Screen. According to the star, this gesture is essential to have beautiful skin. “I’ve been wearing sunscreen every day since I was in my twenties,” she says in her video. “You should start very young,” she advises her subscribers.

Sunscreen, the best anti-aging ally

If JLo has incorporated sunscreen into her anti-aging routine, there’s a good reason. Not only solar products provide us with a protective barrier against UV rays, but their anti-aging properties are all the more important. Dermatologists are unanimous: to protect our skin against agingsun creams should be used every day, even when there is no sun.

The reason for this recommendation is very simple: the sunscreen acts on UVA radiation (large rays that can also pass through windows, and which penetrate deeper into the skin) and UVB (smaller rays that affect the first layers) . By exposing yourself to UV for several years, you damage the keratinocyte cells present in the epidermis. Beneath the keratinocytes are the melanocytes (cells that produce melanin and cause skin color), activated by UVA rays. To reduce the appearance of signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging and brown spots), the regular use of sunscreen products is therefore essential.

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