Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are AVOIDING! She canceled a reservation at the same premises

Jennifer Lopez
Author: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / East News

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up their engagement after several years of passionate relationship. It quickly turned out that the star already has a new – old – partner. There are photos circulating on the web in which Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afleck indulge in their tenderness during a yacht vacation. Guess who exactly is swimming nearby? Alex Rodriguez! J Lo does everything not to meet his ex …

Is there anything worse than bumping into your ex shortly after breaking up, in the company of a new boyfriend? Jennifer Lopez is having a hard time! The star has a lot of money, so he can rest anywhere in the world. Together with Ben Afleck, they decided to relax on a luxurious yacht. It was unfortunate that Alex Rodriguez was also swimming in the area. Case?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez avoid each other

It is quite an unsettling situation. Alex Rodriguez hired a yacht to be around Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend … Even though the ship is so huge that lovers don’t have to get off it at all, they dreamed of a romantic dinner. They made a reservation at the fancy Bagatelle St. Tropez – on the French Riviera. According to the Daily Mail … Alex Rodriguez too!


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are on this yacht. Alex R is swimming nearby…

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez found out at the last minute that her ex also had a reservation there. The star told her to “recall immediately”!

“Her assistant showed up early to check that everything was okay, and A-Rod was having lunch.” She notified JLo and the reservation was swiftly canceled.

The tabloid informant reports.

Did Alex Rodriguez have to go there from any place in the world? What a misfortune!

Jennifer Lopez impresses with its figure and style. Her beach styling cost …

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