Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are already planning a wedding? The American tabloid says it’s certain

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s romance is booming. The artist, after parting ways with Aleks Rodriguez, is more and more often seen with her ex-fiancé. The pair, which used to be at the peak of popularity, returns to the language of commenting on show-business salons after more than 18 years. Not without reason – it is said that the two artists actually sparkled again. Although both Jennifer and Ben do not comment on their relationship, more and more materials are leaking into the media confirming their affection – both photos and reports from relatives. The American tabloid “Woman’s Day” even claims that the couple … are planning a wedding!

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are planning a wedding? The American tabloid says that’s for sure

As reported by “Woman’s Day”, Affleck proposed during sunset at a Miami mansion. The wedding is to be extremely lavish – according to the magazine’s informant, Lopez is very keen on a church wedding. Originally, she even wanted it to take place in Rome, but unfortunately because of the pandemic, she knows how difficult it would be to implement it. Tabloid even reports that J. Lo still has the wedding dress she planned to wear during her wedding to Affleck back in 2003. We also learn from the magazine that the main theme of the celebration is possible:

While they would like to keep it simple, they do not exclude the main theme. Ben loves Latin American countries and he likes the idea of ​​a wedding in this style, which would be a nod to Lopez’s roots.

Do you think it’s possible that they are planning a wedding so quickly?

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