Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together again

Jennifer and Ben at the 75th Oscars / Photo. press materials

When they met, she had two marriages behind her, he had a relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow. The media followed their every step, covered their engagement and looked forward to the wedding. This one was first postponed and then dismissed. Recently, the hashtag “Bennifer” has become popular again on social media. Lopez and Affleck gave each other a second chance, almost two decades after their high-profile breakup.

It all starts in the spring of 2002. Jennifer Lopez appears in Los Angeles on the set of “Gigli”. She has already appeared in hits such as “Out of the Eyes, To From the Heart,” “Selena,” and the romantic comedy “Say Yes,” opposite Matthew McConaughey. This time she will be partnered by Ben Affleck – the star of the films “Pearl Harbor” and “Armageddon”, the Oscar-winning co-writer of “Rebel by Choice”. He is 30 years old and has the reputation of a “golden boy of Hollywood”. Apparently, the director Martin Brest claps with joy at the sight of the chemistry that immediately develops between the actors. After all, nothing can publicize a movie more than love on set. Watching Jennifer and Ben film the next scenes, he is convinced that “Gigli” will be successful, and the couple will stand on the wedding carpet. None of these predictions will come true (at least until today). First things first.

Love at first sight

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez fell in love with Affleck at first sight. When they met, she was still married to the dancer Cris Judd, but only on paper. Previously, she divorced Cuban Ojani Noa. They did not become friends – Noa threatened to reveal intimate recordings compromising JLo for many years after the breakup. Judda met on the set of the video for “Love don’t cost a thing”. They married in September 2001, and separated in June 2002. That’s why Lopez celebrated her 33rd birthday in July with Affleck.


Their first joint photos hit the media in August 2002. And an immediate sensation: you can see them kissing. People magazine paid a round sum of 75,000 for the nine blurred shots. dollars. This is how “Bennifer” is born. Interestingly, it was only recently that we found out where this nickname came from. “I made them up,” wrote Kevin Smith, director of Jersey Girl with Affleck and Lopez, on Twitter. “I named them Bennifer during the final work on our movie, when the world didn’t know they were together yet,” he recalls. “Later I used that phrase in an interview with The New York Times, and it has gone on!”

Jennifer and Ben on the set of “Jersey Girl” in 2002 / Getty Images

Jenny & Benny from the block

For the first time, Affleck and Lopez officially comment on their relationship… in a music video. “Jenny from the block” comes out in the fall of 2002 and is an absolute sensation. We watch Jennifer and Ben constantly followed by paparazzi, even in private moments such as vacation on a yacht or dinner at a restaurant. There is no shortage of sexy shots, for example when Ben smears his beloved’s bum with suntan oil, worth 27 million dollars (for this amount the star insured his buttocks). Years later, the actor will admit that he regrets the appearance in the clip. Lopez’s music video will also have a hiccup. In 2004, it will try to block its emission on MTV and VH1 stations. Unsuccessfully.

The most beautiful engagement ring

Affleck proposes to Lopez in November 2002. In a glamorous style. He invites his beloved to his family home in Boston to ask her for a hand in the presence of his relatives. “Blanket, candles, rose petals all over the house! And in the background you can hear my song »Glad« – said happy JLo on Diane Sawyer. I was touched, my tears fell. I asked who was the culprit of this fuss. Ben replied that his mother helped him a little. The actor then read Jennifer a letter in which he confessed why he loved her and wanted to marry her. “It was the first time in my life that I cried with happiness,” said Lopez. “I’ve never experienced anything more wonderful.” As if that were not enough, Affleck gave the artist a pink diamond worth 2 million dollars. Lopez, who had never concealed her love for trinkets, was captivated. Her diamond is still considered one of the most beautiful engagement rings in Hollywood.

Jennifer and Ben at the 2002 premiere of Maids in Manhattan / Getty Images

Such a beautiful couple

In February 2003, the Bennifer duo delights at the Oscars. She is wearing a long pistachio dress from the Valentino fashion house. Retro styling is inspired by the style of Jackie Kennedy. He practically does not let her out of his embrace. At the Oscar after party, they separate themselves from the rest of the guests. They don’t care if photojournalists take pictures of them as they kiss or stroke each other tenderly. So when paparazzi catch an actor in a strip club a few months later, everyone is amazed. The media suggests that Affleck cheated on Lopez “with at least one woman.” Ben denies it, plans to sue the tabloid that has spread the rumors. Meanwhile, in the backstage, it is said that Lopez has stopped wearing her engagement ring.

Laugh through tears

However, at the August premiere of “Gigli” – the movie that started it all – they are together, holding hands and talking about the upcoming wedding. They don’t want a grand ceremony, but they want to get married in a church. “If people want to come closer, take pictures, that’s OK. We don’t have a problem with that, ”they say. They do not intend to hide, but they also do not reveal when exactly the wedding will take place. The media manage to establish that in September and that Lopez chose a dress from Vera Wang. “I am the happiest in life” – emphasizes the artist. But they smile somehow crookedly, as if by force. Because they already know that the joint film is unlikely to be a hit.

Jennifer and Ben / Getty Images

The worst movie of a quarter of a century

Critics crush Gigli. The film is an attendance and financial failure. With a budget of over 75 million, he earns less than 8 million. Was the public overdosing on Bennifer? What is surprising is the lack of chemistry between the actors, and the absurd scenario is also shocking. Currently, in the largest online movie database, IMDB “Gigli” is rated 2.5 out of 10 stars. Lopez and Affleck received individual Golden Raspberries for the worst actors and a joint one for the worst screen couple. A year later, the film received an “award” for the worst film of a quarter of a century. One can only imagine how much Jennifer and Ben fear the premiere of “Jersey Girl” – the second film they starred together.

Jennifer and Ben at the Lakers game in 2003 / Photo. press materials

The wedding was postponed but not canceled

Back in August, Lopez and Affleck issue a press release. They inform that they decided to postpone the ceremony due to “excessive media attention”. “Once we started seriously considering organizing three weddings of deceptions, we realized that something was very wrong,” we read. Jennifer and Ben add that they don’t want unhealthy attention to the wedding to ruin the day for them and their loved ones. There is more and more in the media that Bennifer is falling apart.

JLo solo

On January 23, 2004, spokesman Jennifer Lopez announced that his client “ended her relationship with Ben Affleck.” Soon after, the star appears at the 74th Academy Awards. She is wearing a beautiful gown by Michael Kors which looks like a Greek goddess. I’m alone. The reporters will take another photo with Affleck only 17 years later.

Bennifer only on the screen

In March, the movie “Jersey Girl” hits theaters. He’s better received than Gigli. Malicious people say it’s because JLo is on the screen for only a dozen or so minutes. However, the movie does not attract crowds. Oh, average comedy-drama.

Jennifer Lopez’s third wedding

In June 2004, Jennifer Lopez is getting married. Except not for Ben Affleck, but for Marc Anthony, the Latino star, an old friend. When they met in 1999, he said, “Someday you will be my wife.” They were even a couple for a while back then. They met again as Bennifer’s glory days passed. Lopez and Anthony remained married for 7 years. They had twins – Emme and Max. In Love, the diary book, the artist calls the day they broke up as “the worst ever”. In the same book, she confessed that her relationship with Anthony was supposed to act as a plaster on the wound after a painful breakup with Affleck. She added that Ben was the first man to break her heart.

Ben Affleck – husband and father

Affleck also got married. In 2005, he married actress Jennifer Garner. They have three children: Violette, Seraphina and Samuel. Although they overcame many crises, they eventually decided to break up. In 2018, after 13 years together, they divorced. They stay friendly.

Romances by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez after divorce number three had several fleeting romances, including with rapper Drake. For five years she was parting and dating 18 years younger dancer Casper Smart. In March 2017, the first photos of Lopez starring Alex Rodriguez, player of The New York Yankees, were released. On the couch at Ellen DeGeneres, they confirmed they were a couple. First he was the guest, a few weeks later she was. JLo began to post more and more photos on Instagram not only with Rodriguez, but also with his daughters, and later also with her children. Together they made a patchwork, it seemed like a happy, family. They were both famous and wealthy, they had their own masses of fans. They quickly became America’s favorite couple. Lopez did not draw conclusions from previous coverage and made her relationship media again. The couple took part i.a. in a session for the Vanity Fair monthly, who christened them “J-Rod”.

J-Rod is getting married

In early 2019, Rodriguez proposes to Lopez in the Bahamas. A photo of JLo’s hand with an engagement ring worth 1.4 million dollars quickly gains over 5 million likes. Fans believe she has finally found true love and will “live happily ever after”. The couple are planning a wedding and a wedding reception for 2020.


Around the same time, Ben Affleck meets a beautiful colleague from the set of “Deep Water”, Cuban Ana de Armas. The media calls them “BenAna”. When the coronavirus pandemic breaks out, they quarantine together. It is possible that they would have had fun together at the wedding of Lopez and Rodriguez, but due to the J-Rod pandemic, they postpone the party twice.

“There is no rush. We are happy, everything is fine, the wedding will take place as soon as the circumstances are favorable, ”explains JLo calmly.

Shortly after their engagement, however, Twitter is flooded with posts accusing Rodriguez of treason. Former Yankees player Jose Canseco suggests that A-Rod was having an affair with his wife. “Stop being an asshole and cheating on JLo!” – he appeals. This is the first scandal. The second happens shortly thereafter. Rodriguez was said to have been dating reality star Madison LeCroy. Alex swears he is faithful to his fiancée. But that’s too much for Lopez. In April, there is an official statement in which they jointly announce the separation.

“We are better off on a friendly footing and we will continue this relationship,” they declare.

Thus, JLo cancels the second wedding. That’s when Ben Affleck comes back into the game.

Bennifer 2.0

In the spring, photojournalists shoot the actor as he leaves the Lopez mansion in Los Angeles. Déjà vu? The actor and singer are silent, although social media is crazy. In May, the E! Entertainment, citing “certain sources”, reports that the chemistry between the former couple is “unimaginable”. In May, photos of Affleck wearing the same wristwatch that we saw in the video for “Love don’t cost a thing” hit the network. In June, paparazzi photograph the Bennifer 2.0 kiss.

And they lived happily ever after?

Ben Affleck (48) accompanies Jennifer Lopez (51) to her sister Linda Lopez’s 50th birthday party. It’s a family night out, so there is no shortage of Max and Emme, as well as the star’s mother who has always had a soft spot for Ben. In the following months, more and more pictures of Bennifer are published in the media. Just like almost 20 years ago, they are not hiding their feelings again. “I am the happiest in life,” says Lopez happily in an interview. But now they are older, wiser, more experienced. That’s why, although they have been seeing each other for almost 6 months, they haven’t squeaked a word about it yet. Fans want to believe that Bennifer will make it this time.

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