Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together! “They found an old bond”

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together again! There are many indications that the rumors about their extremely close relationship are becoming more and more confirmed. The former bride and groom met again for many hours. After a joint trip to Montana, Ben and Jennifer reunited in Los Angeles.

Old love apparently doesn’t really rust! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they were seen together again. According to some fans, the official announcement that they are a couple again is only a matter of time!

Ben and J.Lo this time in Los Angeles. This is confirmed by witnesses cited by journalists of the magazine Us Weekly. The reunion took place over a week after the couple had spent several days playing together in Montana. It’s probably more than just an old friendship … That’s what most American gossip sites suggest, anyway.

The turbulent history of the relationship comes full circle

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have had a lot of experiences together – unfortunately both nice and very painful. The couple were engaged for two years, but the wedding never took place. J.Lo and Ben Affleck broke up literally a few days before the planned wedding ceremony. The official reason was too much media coverage, but some fans have slightly different theories.

Both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez after they split up, they arranged their lives with new loved ones, but these relationships are also history. Recall that J.Lo She recently broke her engagement with Alex Rodriguez. Ben Affleck at the beginning of the year, he parted ways with the Cuban actress Ana De Armas. By the way, the latter is reportedly dating the actor of the first series of “Bridgertons”, Rege-Jean Pagem, but that’s a completely different story 🙂

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Whether Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a very close friendship, or something much more? It seems that the views of fans are divided, although more and more people are leaning towards option 2. Evidence that J.Lo and Ben are trying to rebuild their relationship may also be the accounts of those around them. According to informants of American websites, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck “found an old bond”, but they do not rush to call themselves a couple so as not to spoil what they have managed to rebuild so far.

What will come out of this? We will see. If J.Lo and Ben Affleck are ready to give themselves a second chance, we only need to keep our fingers crossed for them.

Why did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break up? We recall their history

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