Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are really dating though? The actor was caught in front of his ex-fiancée’s house

It has been rumored for weeks now that Jennifer Lopez is dating Ben Affleck again. It seemed unlikely due to how the actor treated J. Lo years ago. However, everything indicates that something is up. Page Six posted a photo of Affleck exiting Jennifer Lopez’s car and heading towards her home.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck back together?

Page Six reports that the actor has been seen many times in front of Jennifer Lopez’s house. The paparazzi managed to catch the moment when the actor was being driven in a white SUV belonging to Jennifer to her house.

The couple have yet to be caught together, but a Page Six informant says Jennifer and Ben are seeing regularly.

Security picks him up from a nearby place and drops him off at her house. They spend several hours together, the informant said.

Meanwhile, an acquaintance of Jennifer assures Page Six that the couple are “just friends.”

Everything will probably be clarified in the coming weeks. Still, it’s hard to believe that Jennifer would decide to go back to her ex who hurt her so badly. The couple met in 2001. After a year, no one doubted that Jennifer and Ben were together. They got engaged and it looked as if they were going to get married soon. Suddenly, however, their idyll was interrupted. They postponed the ceremony and fans began to suspect that something was wrong. A few days before the second date, the wedding was canceled. Jennifer and Ben split up after two years of relationship in 2014. Only 14 years after this fact, Jennifer Lopez decided to reveal the unpleasant backstage of their relationship.

I’ve been gutted. I lost my self-esteem and wondered if I was still in this business or if it had deprived me of everything. (…) My relationship was destroyed in front of the eyes of the whole world. I needed two years to get up, she told Vanity Fair.

But perhaps “old love will not rust” …

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