Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck AVOID online. They may have a valid reason

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have successfully rebuilt their relationship from years ago and, according to the latest rumors, they want to try to bond for life again. Apparently, the wedding of the couple is fast approaching … Meanwhile, it turns out that lovers who appear together in public almost every day avoid each other on the Internet at the same time! Is it an oversight or … a patent for a successful relationship?

If you believe the latest rumors, it will be soon Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will become husband and wife. The actor and singer want to bond permanently and thus finish what they started a dozen years ago.

Let us remind you that J. Lo and Ben had been engaged before and almost stood in front of the altar. The couple canceled the wedding literally a few days before the planned ceremony! The official reason for breaking off the engagement was too much media coverage and pressure from the public.

As Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck can protect themselves from a repetition of events from years ago? It is possible that the couple found a way …

Together in real life, separately on the web

It turns out that they are inseparable in love every day, they even avoid each other in the digital world. Strange as it may seem, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck do not follow their significant other on Instagram!

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Journalists of the American website TMZ took a closer look at the mutual relations of the couple online. It turns out that Jennifer is not on the follower list of Ben’s account, and Ben is not following his sweetheart’s profile. Probably J.Lo gave a heart under Affleck’s photo only once – and not on his account, but on a fan profile.

Were it not for the July 24 post in which J. Lo officially announces that she is associated with Ben Affleck, you might think that the two have nothing in common!

Is it a coincidence and the lack of social media, or is it a deliberate strategy? We can only guess that the latter. And how do you think?


Do you follow your “other half” on the internet?

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