Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get married after 18 years of separation. The ceremony will take place in romantic Venice!

Jennifer Lopez (Look!) and Ben Affleck got back together after 18 years. During this time, they managed to start separate families and gather valuable life experiences. As they say, old love does not rust.

In love in April, they renewed their relationship, which at first only the paparazzi knew.

They soon appeared together on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival and … everything became clear.

According to the informants of American tabloids, the actor asked his beloved this most important question in July, during the holidays they spent on a yacht.

The couple are now planning a quick return to picturesque Italy, where they intend to get married in one of the castle mansions. The ceremony is to take place in romantic Venice!

Matt Damon is to be the groom’s best man. Apparently he is honored by this.

The daughters of the brides (Emme, Violet and Seraphina) have already engaged in the preparation. Friends and family are very excited.

We remind you that the couple known to fans as “Bennifer” canceled their first wedding in 2003. What a story!

We can’t wait to see the photos of J.Lo’s wedding dress … She looks very happy now.



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